Mission: Thriving Europe

We are facing an important five-year term of the European Commission. In the coming years, significant decisions will be taken regarding Europe’s security, economic growth, investments and jobs, success of green transition and the functionality of the market economy.

Now is the time to build new European future and to tackle the challenges of the new era. 4 + 1 steps are needed towards a thriving Europe.

Finnish Industries’ press release April 8: Europe must wake up to the competiti­veness challenge

Green transition to drive green growth

Ambitious climate policy is needed to meet climate goals. The green transition must be seen as a driver for European economy, growth and competitiveness.

We need to strengthen green exports and potential for attracting investments to Europe.

Proposals of the Finnish Industries:

  • Using all technologies and forms of energy production to ensure the green transition.
  • Reducing emissions cost-effectively and in a market-oriented way.
  • Using energy efficiency to drive the reduction of fossil energy use.
  • We need a new broadly comprehensive green growth strategy with focus on strategic competitiveness, growth, investments, and innovations.

Position papers:
Ambitious policies needed to boost green growth towards 2040
Transport included in emissions trading by 2031
Green growth through environmental policy

Strategic competitiveness through the Single Market

Strong economy and well-functioning Single Market are vital to foster Europe’s strategic autonomy.

We need to enhance Europe’s competitiveness and become a leader in innovation.

More focus on critical raw materials, clean energy and high-tech know-how.

Proposals of the Finnish Industries:

  • Ensure fair Single Market to increase European competitiveness.
  • Find a sustainable solution to state aid competition. 
  • Accelerate trade negotiations.

Position papers:
Innovative and skilled Europe 2030
Funding criteria of Connecting Europe Facility
Europe’s digital future 2030
Digital VAT enables a better functioning of the Single Market
Finnish business priorities for future EU trade policy
Proposal for a New EU Financial Instrument to Enhance Europe’s Strategic Competitiveness

Economic policies must serve growth

It’s essential to ensure that the EU can deliver on its new economic priorities. Support to Ukraine is vital for Europe.

The EU must also ensure that its tax policies promote business competitiveness.

Proposals of the Finnish Industries:

  • Reduce the administrative burden of taxation and overlapping tax regulation.
  • Complete the Capital Markets Union.

Position papers:
EU support for Ukraine
EU banking regulation – our views on European Deposit Insurance Scheme (EDIS)
Digital VAT enables a better functioning of the Single Market
Tax legislation that eases administrative burden and boosts competitiveness of businesses

Safeguarding the Nordic labour market model

The Commission is increasingly proposing Labour market legislation. Considering that, it is vital that the best practices of the Nordic labour market be safeguarded in the future.

Proposals of the Finnish Industries:

  • Focus on the EU level in particular on labour mobility and access to skilled labour.
  • Ensure that each EU member state continues to be responsible for financing its own social security.

Position papers:
Reform of the EWC Directive must not compromise business competitiveness and decision-making
EU regulation must support access to telework
Competitiveness must be the main factor when developing the EU’s social dimension

STEP +1:
Increased competitiveness with better regulation

We need to make competitiveness the primary focus of EU regulation.

The impact of each new law on businesses should be carefully assessed – with a special focus on the SME sector.

Proposals of the Finnish Industries:

  • Eliminate unnecessary reporting requirements.
  • Evaluate competitiveness in impact assessments – both at the company level and for the EU as a whole.
  • Fully implement existing EU legislation in all Member States.

Position papers:
Better and streamlined regulation boosts competitiveness of the SME’s

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