Finnish business to grant Ambassador Awards to Jarno Syrjälä (China) and Raili Lahnalampi (Ireland); honorary mention to Markku Keinänen’s team (United Kingdom)


Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) has handed out its annual Ambassador Awards to recognise the successful members of the Team Finland network. In the opinion of Finnish export companies, Jarno Syrjälä, the Finnish Ambassador to China, and Raili Lahnalampi, the Ambassador to Ireland, have been first-class partners during the difficult period of the COVID crisis. In addition, the Team Finland network in the United Kingdom led by Ambassador Markku Keinänen was also awarded.

Finnish businesses now have a unique export opportunity as post-COVID reconstruction is picking up speed and global demand is strong. Ambassadors and their Team Finland colleagues are key partners for Finnish companies in their target markets. This is why, for the third time, the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) is awarding Ambassadors who have received outstanding reviews from export companies for their effective and business-oriented contributions.

In 2021, EK presents its Ambassador’s Awards to the following people:

Large/well-established markets:
Jarno Syrjälä, Ambassador to China, has set an outstanding example in helping export businesses by offering both his political and economic expertise. Syrjälä’s hands-on approach and concrete help has been indispensable, as the borders of China have been closed during the COVID pandemic.  Jarno Syrjälä has always been available to assist companies in both problem solving as well as promoting new business opportunities.

Small/emerging markets:
Raili Lahnalampi, Ambassador to Ireland, has received excellent reviews from businesses thanks to her work finding new export opportunities for Finnish companies. She has paved the way for exports related to climate expertise and cyber security, for example. Demand for these kinds of exports is being boosted by the EU’s recovery funding also in Ireland. Lahnalampi’s approach has been broad-minded, solution-oriented and determined.

Honorary mention:
The United Kingdom’s Team Finland network deserves recognition for its successful teamwork led by Ambassador Markku Keinänen. The network’s role has been particularly important in the past 12 months as it has helped Finnish companies during the Brexit implementation. Businesses commend the team for its excellent problem-solving skills and forward-looking approach: the network’s focus has always been on the future, on finding new market opportunities.

Tuomas Pere, Chair of the EK Delegation for Entrepreneurship and Peter Fredman, Chair of the Internationalisation and Reform Group, wish to thank the award-winning stars of the Team Finland network for their business-oriented work:

“The Finnish Ambassadors and the Team Finland network operate on the front line of exports and our internationalisation. Your work has been particularly valuable for SMEs during the COVID crisis.”

“In the future, we must continue our cooperation to profile Finland as the world’s leading provider of digital and low carbon solutions. Making use of the massive recovery funding is essential. This will be our joint mission in the coming months!”

Jarno Syrjälä

Raili Lahnalampi













Photos: Ministry of Foreign Affairs