Finland’s low-carbon roadmaps  – A benchmark for the international climate audience


The low-carbon roadmaps drawn up by members of the Confederation of Finnish Industries have been a unique endeavour also on international scale: through the roadmaps Finnish business has charted the way for the implementation of Finland’s ambitious climate target. The recently opened website presents the roadmaps for COP26 as well as other international forums.

Finland is at the forefront of the climate transition, as our target is to make our society carbon neutral already by 2035. Our business community is extensively committed to reaching this target – the public and private sector in Finland form a strong partnership in addressing the climate change.

The low-carbon roadmaps are a means to an end: Finnish business has outlined the road to the practical implementation of the national 2035 target. The outcome is roadmaps from 14 different sectors – integrated and made to fit together.

The Finnish low-carbon roadmaps have also received international attention: the public-private collaboration in concrete, compatible roadmaps is unique also on a global scale.

The Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) wants to contribute to the worldwide visibility of the roadmaps and Finnish climate solutions. That is why we have created an English-language website with summaries of all 14 low-carbon roadmaps and contacts for further information in each sectoral association.

The web site and materials are intended for climate policy professionals, climate transition actors and business in Europe and across the world:

Climate 2035 project has been carried out in cooperation with TT-Säätiö foundation, AFRY Oy and business federations.

More information:
Climate 2035 project management at EK: chief policy advisor in climate issues Janne Peljo, tel. +358 40 528 5754, janne.peljo[at]