Business calls for global carbon market at COP21


The Confederation of Finnish Industries and other business organisations appealed to COP21 negotiators in order to have carbon pricing included in the coming climate agreement.

Business organisations from 20 different countries hosted an event at Paris climate meeting Dec 1, where they strongly underlined the need for carbon pricing. The future climate agreement needs to acknowledge the global carbon pricing and the related market mechanisms.

Jyri Häkämies, Director General of The Confederation of Finnish Industries EK calls for smart measures in order to implement carbon reduction commitments in practice.

– By developing and expanding carbon market globally, emissions can be truly reduced – not just transferred from one part of the world to another. Ideally, carbon pricing would be implemented worldwide so that the cost effect of emissions would be the same everywhere. In a global carbon market, emission reductions would take place where they can be achieved with the lowest costs.

– Carbon pricing boosts the market for clean solutions and incentivizes present and new technology in many fields, for instance, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Carbon pricing is a way to finance investments and it encourages innovative solutions to mitigate the climate change by increasing the demand for low emission solutions.

Business organisations’ statements on Carbon Markets at COP21