Don’t let prejudice come between work and a worker


If it’s not the job that discriminates, then why are so many capable workers left standing on the sidelines due to things that don’t really matter? Work doesn’t care about our religion, whom we share our lives with, or what age we are. The job only cares about getting done.

Too often, prejudice gets in between work and a worker. For no reason, as work itself does not discriminate. Discrimination originates from our own attitudes.

The Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) believes that every job deserves the best doer. We strive for an inspiring Finland, and together, we want to build an equal work culture where work speaks for itself.

Discrimination should not hinder anyone’s employment or success at work. In a truly equitable Finland, equality should be self-evident. Non-discrimination benefits the Finnish society as a whole, from which every employer, worker, and citizen profits from. Finland cannot afford to lose any skilled and capable workers.

With the Work Does Not Discriminate campaign, EK challenges employees, businesses and communities to create a truly equal work culture in all of Finland.