Webinar recording: Finnish perspective to sanctions against Russia


The Confederation of Finnish Industries EK organized on March 7th a webinar on the economic consequences of the Ukraine invasion and sanctions against Russia. The webinar recording is now available.

Together with the European business community, we strongly condemn the invasion and aggression by Russia. We also stand behind all joint measures considered necessary. We express the strongest support for the Ukrainian people and encourage our members to do the same.The West has imposed a series of severe sanctions on Russia as a result of its use of force and hostilities in Ukraine. Finland is participating in the EU’s sanctions front. Representing the Finnish business community and employers, we work closely with key ministries and other authorities to analyze the various effects of the sanctions and inform Finnish businesses.We organized an English update on sanctions against Russia on March 7th. It was tailor made for business professionals living and working in Finland. Speakers included Director General Jyri Häkämies and Director Petri Vuorio, both representing the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK.
Webinar recording now available  

The webinar was organized by EK’s International Business Club (IBC)

International Business Club is a network for foreign business leaders and top talents living in Finland. The purpose of IBC is to improve the dialogue between the international business community and Finnish decision-makers and to promote Finland as an attractive destination for foreign companies, talents, and investments.Our web site on sanctions against Russia in Finnish: