Smart and Open Europe – our key messages to the EU decision makers


European countries are facing up to challenges in climate and environment, research and innovation, digitalization, international trade, and the functioning of the Single Market.

Finnish business is strongly committed to work for a smart and open future for our continent. These are the key points we wish to make to the decision makers in the EU:

  1. Well-functioning Single Market. Together in the EU we have a trading area reaching over 500 million people, the world’s largest single market. Goods, capital, services, people, ideas and data need to move freely without barriers and create well-being for the people.
  1. Strong EU trade policy. It is vital for the EU to continue to negotiate international trade agreements for everyone’s benefit. The EU is in a unique position to push a rule-based and open trade agenda. When speaking with one voice the EU carries global weight for years to come.
  1. Efficient climate policy. The EU should reach net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. We need to significantly reduce emissions, and to use carbon sinks and capture to balance the rest of the emissions. This can be done with new technologies. Emissions need a global price tag, so that there is an incentive to reduce them as well as to develop and deploy cleantech innovations.
  1. More investment in research and innovation. The EU’s joint financial means for research and innovation, Horizon Europe, need to be increased and resources used for innovations and competitive projects that benefit us all.
  1. Efficient circular economy policy. In circular economy goods are designed to be reused and resources remain in use as long as possible. It plays a key role in providing solutions to climate change and scarcity of natural resources. It is also a business opportunity offering prospects for new growth.

We welcome a lively debate on these topics at the EURACTIVE seminar hosted by the Confederation of Finnish Industries, Technology Industries of Finland and in Brussels Oct 15-16.

Position Papers: