Smart common products sustainability principles needed to ensure circularity in the future products and material cycles


As part of the new Circular Economy Action Plan the Commission will publish an initiative broadening of the scope of the so called Ecodesign Directive, beyond energy-related products, as a key measure in making products fit for a climate neutral, resource-efficient, and circular economy.

It is expected to bring substantial changes in terms of product design and production leading to new business models and consumption patterns.

The Nordic industry organisations welcome the plan as it is necessary to reduce the overall life-cycle climate and environmental footprint of the products placed on the EU market. It is above all important that:

  • The sustainable product policy legislative initiative will provide a stable framework.
  • It upholds the basic principle of technology neutrality to ensure a variety of technology options applicable to sustainable design requirements and choices related to material efficiency.
  • The sustainability requirements must be considered on a product group-specific basis.
Please read our position paper here