Business at the heart of Europe’s green and digital transition also in the Arctic say the Nordic industry organisations


The Arctic has a huge economic and industrial potential in the areas of energy, natural resources, services and digital, sustainable mining, renewable and low-emission energy, sustainable shipping, data centres and tourism. These are resources and technology that can play an important part in Europe´s security of energy and material supply.

We welcome the EU´s ambition to contribute to the realisation of great potential in the European Artic for the green and digital transition. Drawing on the expertise and consent of local and indigenous peoples, businesses and public authorities, the EU can play an important role in supporting the Arctic countries in making the Arctic region an area of sustainable economic growth and cutting-edge technologies, to help achieve its and Europe´s twin green and digital transition.

As the Strategy suggests, it is vital that the EU plans to support R&D, infrastructure, and innovative business development through EU cohesion programme funds such as: Just Transition Fund, InvestEU and Horizon Europe. We need to work closely with the local business community as well as other social partners, to ensure that EU-funded projects in the best possible way contributes to sustainable economic growth.

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