Finnish Business Confidence Weak in February


Finnish manufacturing confidence was almost unchanged at a low level in February. The confidence indicator scored -8 points (-7 in January). Confidence is currently well below its long-term average (+1). Some production growth is expected for the coming few months, but order books are well below their normal levels.

Finnish construction confidence is currently at a weak level. Order books are thin and personnel is expected to decrease. The confidence indicator slipped to -24 points in February from the revised figure of -22 points one month earlier. The long-term average is -8.

The service sector confidence indicator imptroved somewhat. It reached +1 point in February, up from the revised figure of -5 points in January. Its long-term average is +13. The overall business situation has still deteriorated slightly. Only slight sales growth is expected for the next few months.

Finnish retail trade confidence is close to record-low figures. The confidence indicator lost two points and scored -24 in February (revised figure -22 in January). The long-term average is -1. Sales volumes are expected to continue their prolonged decline.