Nordic public survey: Number of TTIP supporters more than four times higher than those against


71% of Nordic citizens support free trade. 81% of the Finnish public believe that Finland should increase its trade with the USA.

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise conducted a public survey in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. According to the results, the public strongly supports free trade – both in general and particularly in relation to the USA. Finnish respondents highlighted specifically the benefits to exports and jobs brought by free trade.

59% of the Nordic public are in favour of the TTIP agreement, while those against amount to 14%. The benefits of the agreement are thought to be largely equally divided between the USA and EU.

Survey results for Finnish respondents:

  • 69% of Finns take a positive view of free trade and 16% a negative one.
  • Finnish respondents believe that the greatest benefits of free trade are in the areas of exports and job creation. The greatest perceived threat here is the entry of genetically modified (GMO) products in the market.
  • 81% believe that Finland should increase its trade with the USA.
  • 55% take a positive view to the EU and USA signing the TTIP agreement. 17% are against it.
  • 39% believe that the TTIP would lead to an increase in jobs in Finland, and 13% believe they would decrease.
  • 54% of Finns believe that the benefits of the TTIP would be equally divided between the EU and USA.

See the results per country.

The participants of the study in July-August 2015 numbered 4,586 people in total in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. The Finnish respondents totalled 1,001 persons. The survey was carried out by CINT (Consumer Intelligence) commissioned by the The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

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