White Paper – ‘How to master Europe’s digital infrastructure needs?

The Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) would like to thank for the opportunity to participate in the discussion on the future of Europe’s digital infrastructure. The White paper of the future of the digital infrastructure needs is welcomed. Mutual understanding of the Europes digital infrastructure strengths and weaknesses is a base for Europes digital competitiveness. EUs strategy must be comprehensive, integrating also the potential of HPC and quantum with the advancements in connectivity technologies. Thus, the focus should also be on the concrete hardware capabilities, including chips. For strategic technologies, EU and US should align on the toolbox of appropriate de-risking measures, along with like-minded partners. We need to improve European RDI funding mechanisms and processes, which in some cases are also too slow and uncoordinated. By fostering an ecosystem that encourages open innovation, collaboration, and significant investment in these areas, Europe can secure its technological sovereignty and economic security, to stay truly competitive in the global digital landscape.
White Paper – ‘How to master Europe’s digital infrastructure needs?.pdf