Véronique Legros


+32 27 356 335

At work

I am working in the Brussels Office of EK as an Office Coordinator. We are 5 persons altogether with the Director and the Advisers, as well as 2 companies renting out some offices in our floor. My job mainly consists of taking care of good organisation in the office and administrative tasks. Furthermore, I provide help to people coming from Finland and I assist them in their daily life, too. I welcome the groups from Finland and take care of their program, organizing meetings and events. 

In my leisure

I am found of culture, discovering it through exhibitions or by travelingAncient art is my favoriteAlso, I love the genealogy, for myself but also helping  others to find their roots. Reading is a mustall kind of novels, history and biographiesDuring the summer, I read the book about Michelle Obama and now I just started the one of Nicolas Sarkozy, ”Le temps des tempêtes”.I go to theaters, watch movies and meet people. Exercise is important, and I practice gymnastics a lot.  

My first job

My first job was in the field of marketing in a French company car, RENAULT. I was recruited before they launched a new car called Renault 11. I had to work with a team preparing the advertising campaign and afterwards, examine the curve of the sales of this new car and follow all the events at the car dealers.     


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